The Losses of Our Lives,

The Sacred Gifts of Renewal in Everyday Loss       

Author:  Dr Nancy Copeland-Payton                                Skylight Paths Publishing


Who has not been touched by loss?  This book invites us awaken to life’s endless stream of immeasurable gifts … and our experience of loss at their passing.  To embrace the wisdom taught to us in our everyday losses can bring us closer to the deep mystery of God and the nature of living.  Such wisdom can help sustain us on journeys through life’s more painful losses.

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Writings from Nancy

Awake for the Sunrise (published in Horizons Magazine, Jan-Feb 2011)

A banner in the seminary lobby says, “Why can’t God just send an e-mail?”  In the background is a barefoot, wide-eyed Moses before a wildly burning bush.

Sacred voice that speaks from a burning bush, or an e-mail sent from God seem so direct, so enticingly unambiguous.  Don’t we all  yearn for such clarity?  And yet, book after book on discernment speaks of God’s subtle whispers deep within us, or the Spirit’s quiet nudges.  Elijah listened in the grandeur of wind, earthquake, and fire … but only heard God’s voice in the sound of sheer silence.                                                                                                                                                                  Read More


Nancy Copeland-Payton



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